Monday, November 30, 2009

I still have no internet.

I got a lot of responses on my last half-finished post. If I accidentally publish too early, all of you email subscribers only receive what was first published and you aren't notified when I edit the post and complete it. So... there was more than asking about my baby stinking in tha tlast post, if you're interested.

I was trying to think of Christmas lists for me/Jared. It is ahrd. Most of the stuff I want is stupid, but unbelievably cool. Take these zen blocks, for instance. What a great coffee table interest. It would be the most entertaining thing in our house since there is no TV in our living room. But... at the same time.. do I need them? Not at all. I just want them. Sometimes I'm a bit silly like that.

Something more useful that we'd enjoy would be a TV converter box for the living room. I'm still a bit bitter about that, though. We sent away for the govt coupons but we didn't get them. I suspect a neighbor stole them.

SPEAKING OF NEIGHBORS... We are responsible for them not receiving cable anymore. We had an appointment to set up our internet last Friday. The guy came out and went to hook up our cables and realized that everyone in the building was using our connection point for their cable/internet. They were paying for their service, but they were hooked up in our spot.

So when we went to order internet, the guy had to put a filter on our jack so that we wouldn't be able to receive cable... BUT, since our neighbor is using our jack, he got his cable filtered out. Oops! Take that for clogging around during your parties while I'm trying to sleep!

Now, get this... He came out and installed everything, and our INTERNET STILL ISN'T WORKING. He said he had the internet up and running but we were busy doing other stuff so we didn't check it. We just assumed that since he said it was working, it was working. Well.. nope. It isn't. So he has to come out AGAIN to fix it. This is probably attempt #573 to get internet here. THis is ridiculous.

On another note... Oliver refuses to eat. He'll just sit on my boob and ahve a good time not eating. I can leave him on for 45 minutes and he won't eat. SO..... fun. At least we're going in to the doctor the day after tomorrow. Maybe he'll whip O's butt back into nursing shape.

PS - We went doorbusting and got some great deals. TAKE THAT YOU LAZY SCOFFERS WHO MADE FUN OF US. We won't let you play with our new toys.

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