Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tips for making an Oliver sleep.

1. Swaddle him, make it tight! If he doesn't look like a little glow worm, you've done it wrong. If he can move his arms, you've done it wrong!

2. Play his alien pod white noise machine. Not only does this relax him, it also stops him from being able to hear me in the kitchen and crying for me. I swear the second he hears me he wants out of his crib.

3. Bounce him up and down 5 minutes before laying him down. He likes it.

4. Make sure his room is on the cool side. If he gets hot, he wakes up and is angry. He likes it cold!

5. Make sure his crib mattress is tilted at an angle, but also make sure that he will not slide down in the night. That makes him angry. I speak from experience.

6. Put him in bed while he is still sort of awake. If I put him donw hwile he is asleep, he wakes up 20 minutes later and is all confused and cries. He might make fake cries for 30 seconds-1 minute, but he stops and goes to sleep for a loong long time.

His sleeping has been going well. For a time he was upset with his reflux, but now that he is feeling better he is sleeping better again. I get 5-7 hours at night, but he doesn't go down for the count until at least midnight.

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