Monday, November 16, 2009

Lau to you too.

My baby talks. He says Lau. And Hi, and Coo, and Agblah. I mean really, what other words do you need to know? I think none.

Lau: an indigenousous people that live on the Solomon Islands.
Hi: a salutation of greeting in the English language.
Coo: the call of a pigeon bird.
Agblah: word of unknown origin which means "please remove the feces from my buttocks."

Need any more proof that my baby is a genius? I think not.

We had a good weekend. I got a massage courtesy of my sister on Friday. How come people don't rub my butt more often? On Saturday Jared and I had fun taking Oliver to Target and then driving all the way to Culver's before we deicded Jared had to experience the joy that is Taco John's. Sunday my parents babysat and Jared & I went to have some teppanyaki fun time.

Food time is now. Cannot post any longer. Need food.

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