Sunday, February 26, 2012

Haircut. Don't try this at home.

Oliver has needed a haircut for a long long time. Every time we've tried to get it done, something has come up. Or he has decided he doesn't want a haircut. Trust me. You only want to go get his hair cut if he is on board with it.

So today I was sitting at home feeling lucky and I thought, hey! I can cut it myself.

This is always a disastrous line of thinking for me. There is a reason I didn't go to beauty school. There is a reason I stopped trying to cut both my dad's hair and Jared's hair. It just doesn't work.  For some reason, I felt today would be different and Oliver would come out with a rockstar haircut.

Unfortunately, today wasn't different. I present you with before and after.

This is his typical "before" self.

This is what his "after" expression should have been.

Instead, his "after" is pretty happy. It has nothing to do with me giving him an M&M when I finished.

And now he thinks he can run around saying, "I'm cute!"

His new, typical "after" self.

At least he's not old enough to be embarrassed yet.

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