Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pooperbowl Sunday. (See what I did there? I am so clever.)

Yeah, we're celebrating the Superbowl. The Super(toilet)bowl. The Pooperbowl. The only thing missing was some queso dip.

My celebrations involved putting split pea soup into the crockpot for tomorrow. Jared's part was in taking the ACT for work. Oliver was quietly playing with dinosaurs  on the floor until I heard him say, "Uh oh."

A tiny turd plopped onto the floor in the kitchen. I rushed Oliver to deposit the rest into the potty, and he did. Probably 90% did make it into the potty. But really... catching somebody's feces in a plastic bowl is really gross. Especially the part where somebody has to wash it out. And the part where everyone has to smell it.


Yesterday there was a similar situation in which Oliver pooped on the potty but got a little on himself. I was out celebrating my sister's birthday, so Jared took Oliver to the tub to hose him down, leaving the potty to deal with later.

Mya saw an opportunity and went for it. When Jared came back, the potty was empty. And Mya's breath was horrible.

That dog is disgusting.

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