Thursday, February 23, 2012

What else?

This morning, like most mornings, I got up and made breakfast. I laid out eggs, toast, sausage, and raspberries on the table. I poured us each a glass of orange juice. Oliver sat down at the table, looked it all over and said,

"What else is there, Mom?"

Are you kidding me?  I'm pretty sure most kids get stuck with cereal every morning. I'm almost doubly sure that most kids don't get a choice of what is being served for breakfast every morning. Although he likes cereal, I usually give it to him as a snack only. This morning he liked everything on the table so I have no idea why he complained.

This happens to me a lot. Last weekend I made us all Belgian waffles. I even let him have maple syrup on his piece. Do you know what he asked for instead? Poptarts.  When I made blueberry muffins for him, he said,

"No Mom, I want something healthy!"

When I asked him about that, "something healthy" actually meant "sliced ham lunch meat."

He did end up eating a bit of everything... egg, toast, sausage, and a TON of raspberries, but.. the complaining? Holy cow. Why does he like to complain so much? If I made that plate up for myself and gave him poptarts instead, he would still ask for my plate. He would want BOTH of them. BOTH is a word that he loves to shout when I give him options.

"Do you want to play cars or trains?"

"Do you want yogurt or applesauce?"

I think maybe he's just very greedy.

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