Monday, January 9, 2012

The ham isn't where you think it is.

We've all been feeling better so we've slowly begun unpacking, washing laundry, and getting back into our old routine. This means actually feeding Oliver instead of Oliver feeding himself. Last night we were excited because he ate everything that I served - chicken cordon bleu,  squash and carrots, and clementines. It is always a victory when he decides to eat something sort of healthy, likes it, and then eats a lot of it. I didn't even have to ask him to try it, he just did. Amazing.

This afternoon I asked Oliver what he wanted, and he told me. Yogurt. Clementines. String cheese. Ham. I decided he could have some of all of that, and asked if he wanted to help me make it. He did.

I told him to get the ham and yogurt and string cheese out of the fridge. He brought back yogurt and string cheese only.

"Did you have a hard time finding the ham? I see you got everything else."
"No, there is no ham."
"Yes there is. We just got it yesterday."
"No. No ham."

I looked in the fridge and sure enough, the ham was gone. I was a bit confused.

"Huh.  You're right, Oliver. Where did it go then?"
"The closet."
"The ham is in the closet?"
"Yeah. Ham in the closet."

I walked to the closet and looked inside. Yes, there was ham there.

"Well, you're right. There is ham here."
"Uh huh."
"Did you put it here?"
"Who did?"
"Uh.... the ham."
"The ham put itself there?"
"Uh huh! Sure."

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  1. So...I take it that's not where you guys normally keep your ham, then?