Sunday, January 8, 2012

Never underestimate the sneakiness of a child.

It is 2AM. For some reason, Jared and I are still up. We hear Oliver calling out pitifully to us from his room.

"Mommmm. I need you, Mom. I love you, Mom. Mommmm. Mommmmm."

He sounds more than pitiful. He sounds like he has just been handed over to an orphanage and hasn't had a square in a weeks' time. This kid sounds like we routinely lock him in a dark room and force him to live in complete isolation.

Jared gives me this look to say, "Aren't you going to go get him? How could you be so heartless!"

I give him this look back to say, "Yeah right. Not happening. You deal with it if you want to. He should be sleeping."

So Jared huffs and gets up to spring Oliver from his bed-time prison. All the while, we hear Oliver's wailing through the door. "Mommmm.. I neeeed you. I NEED you!"

The second Jared opens the door Oliver pipes up cheerfully as ever, "Hi! I need to watch a show. And I want waffles. And pizza."

Rule #1: Never underestimate the sneakiness of that child. If he senses any weakness, you will be destroyed.

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