Monday, March 9, 2009

Apartment hunting... It sucks.

Well, last night I couldn't sleep so I stayed up cruising apartment listings. And pretty much, what is out there sucks. Mostly the apartments we could afford are in the middle of nowhere, or worse, in the middle of scary Lake Street. Some gems exist but they don't have move in dates until SEPTEMBER, which, I hate to say, is too late. Most of the ones near campus are either 1 bedroom or 5-6, and the 1 BRs wouldn't let us live there. Maybe I can find somebody who knows how to find the good ones, because I think I just suck at this.

Aside from apartments, well... things mostly still suck. :( I have an evil sinus headache now, and my back is still mad at me. I ate a cookie early this morning and went to sleep, and found that I drooled green frosting spit down the side of my face and onto my pillow.

I have my doctor's appointment tomorrow, and its with a new doctor so I hope I like her. Its going to be hard to find one that is as nice as the lady who saw me the first day. Also tomorrow they are supposed to call with the results of last week's testing, so thats a bit nerve wracking.

Positive thought to end on: I have nice underwear to wear to the doctor's tomorrow.

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