Friday, March 6, 2009

Drippy Nose & Cheesecake

The cold hasn't gone away yet. Sleeping on my side doesn't do wonders for a stuffy nose, and I WISH I could take some cold medicine but... you know how those things are. Jared and I are going to go out tonight to eat cheesecake in hopes that it'll make us both feel better. At least this week is the last week before spring break, and we'll get to go see the Avendasori. The drive to DC is kind of nice after you get out of the gross parts (Imagine: hours worth of Ohio scenery).

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow, but I don't know what we'll be doing. Maybe some grocery shopping, maybe clothes shopping... Depends on how I feel, I guess. This weekend I hope to get some things done so that it won't be so rushed before leaving next weekend. I need to make up directions, check out hotel locations, etc. Shouldn't take long, just have to set a time and do it.

I was supposed to go out to eat with Dave yesterday, but he managed to slay his servers or something and couldn't get away from work. Instead, I watched an IFC horror film about demonic children. It was a pretty close second, I guess. :P

Now, the rest of this post is TMI, but I am going to write it anyway:
I've been kind of constipated since being pregnant, and there are few things more satisfactory than a nice #2 these days. This morning, I was in the bathroom going about my business when A TOUR GROUP decided they were going to check out the dorm bathrooms while I was in there pooping. It was embarrassing, to say the least.

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