Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doctor's Visit today, Exciting Updates!

12 weeks 4 days ultrasound photo. Baby's head is to the left, with his left hand scratching his nose.

Okay, I feel like this is a worthy post to kick off the new blog.

Today was my screening test visit. We found out that I am not a carrier for CF, so that worry is gone. We also found that the baby's neck folds look normal, so that lowers the risk of Down Syndrome, and also... WE'RE HAVING A BOY!!

Here is the proof! Jared was awfully proud when the technician said he had a little baby erection.

I've been feeling much better recently. My UTI has gone away, and the bulk of my puking is over with.. The only thing remaining is some lingering nausea. Nothing can stop me now!

As far as the blog goes, I'll be posting some photos for you today. I'm also going to try to figure out if I can set up a section for y'all to input your name suggestions, and I'm going to be bulking up the general info available.

Thanks again for staying involved, be sure to check back as my blog evolves and the posts come in.


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