Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring Breaking

Alright. I kind of forgot to post while I was in DC. Here is a run down of what we did, which is as accurate as my memory is today.

Monday we slept in. I think thats about all I can remember, except that maybe we went grocery shopping and that was the night I made gyros for dinner.

Tuesday Jared & I got up early and had my sister drop us off to wait in line for tickets to the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. Jared has been super excited to see it for a while now, so I'm glad we got to go even though the tour was mysteriously less exciting than I'd imagined. The up side? Jared spotted/stood next to/stared at John Leguizamo, who was on the same tour with his family. (Note photo to the left if you don't know who he is. He was in Ice Age, Righteous Kill, The Happening, Love in the Time of Cholera, ER, Romeo + Juliet, & Moulin Rouge to name a few.)

After the tour of the mint, we all ate street dogs and walked to the museum of Natural History and enjoyed the mammal & insect rooms. We got tickets for the butterfly room, and were allowed to walk in with the plants and live butterflies. Jared was kind of freaked out at the prospect of butterflies flying at him, but he did well despite his fears and we identified the elusive blue morpho, among other species. (Why was Jared scared? He is scared of all things that have the ability to fly at him, and if I had to guess why I'd say its because his mommy is scared of birds. Purely speculation, though.)

Wednesday was nice weather so I went with my sisters to a nearby garden and walked around. We found that none of us can correctly read a sundial. Also, Deidra discovered how awesome crepe myrtles are, and Christa decided she wants a painting of poppies for her dining room.

Thursday was a day of shopping with the sisters. We went to gap maternity and they bought some maternity clothes that are actually attractive. The other great success of the day was finding a comfy bra that fits me. Later that night we ordered pizza in, which mysteriously gave me heartburn even though Papa Johns pizza ordered in MN does not. Deidra invited her friends over and Jared talked to the husband about JAG and other stuff, I played with their labrador puppy/dog and was pet on the belly. (Don't try it. I get angry very easily when people are touching my belly.)

Friday the kids got to skip school and we all went back to the Natural History Museum, this time even Dave came along. We cruised through the oceans exhibit, visited the bugs again (they were cool), looked at the Hope Diamond (very disappointing) and then enjoyed the dinosaur room (dinosaurs = awesome.) Jared and I discussed what we are going to dress baby up as for Halloween, and I'll give you a new poll to choose from our top options.

Family photo near the Avendasora fountain.

Saturday we ate breakfast, took family photos and drove back to our hotel in Indiana. Jared & I went to Cracker Barrel for dinner, but thats about all that happened. The drive back was less exciting than the way out. We listed to a crappy Clive Cussler novel on audiotape and despite listening to it for more than 2+ days of driving, we still aren't finished. Its 12 CDs long, and I bet it could probably be cut down to 4 without losing any meaningful content.

Now today was back to life as usual... I got tsunami-ed by the bus again and it started to pour on me on the way to class. At least it is warm outside, its warmer here than it was in DC.

In baby news... Well, there isn't much besides heartburn and poor quality of sleep. My stomach is starting to pop a bit, and really I wish it would just all stay in there. My next doctor's appointment is in two weeks, and then the week after that they've got me scheduled for another ultrasound.

I'm hoping to add a museum picture or two, so check back for those. Otherwise I am posted - out. Peace.


  1. I would like everyone to know that I did take a couple of photos with Andrea's "popping" belly but she has decided not to share.

  2. I'd like to say that I shall reveal them, but the time is not nigh. Patience, woman!