Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Genius doctor, freaky baby, horrible weather.

Okay... Three things I can think of to write about:
1. Doctor's visit(s)
2. Facebooking newborn babies
3. Weather

1. This morning I had my 13 week visit to the doctor. As I feared, the new doctor was not as nice and she seemed a little bit "special" to me. I don't really know why I ahd to go in because all I did was pee in a cup, take my weight, and listen to the baby's heart beat. She asked me 1 question: How are you feeling? That was it.

From that, she told me the following:
A.) I am sick, drink more. (Thank you, genius)
B.) I have lost weight again, eat more. (Thanks again, you're up for a Nobel)
C.) I am dehydrated, drink even more. (Got that the first time.)

Aside from that useless visit, I got a call with my results for the screen test they did last week. All of my risks are so low they cannot be measured, so that is good at least.

2. One of my favorite thing to do is to Facebook all my friends with newborn nieces/nephews/babies (surprisingly, there are a lot). Today, however, I was horrified. I looked at Kyle's niece, and at the scale she was on and SHE WEIGHED 13 POUNDS EVEN. That is scary. I didn't know that was possible. This was a giant baby. She looked like she should start walking around or something in a month she was so huge. Freaky.

3. I woke up this morning and it looked like somebody dumped slurry all over the world. But, at least it was warm sorta warm and fog is kinda cool anyway. Then, as I was walking to the doctor's, little tiny hail pieces started coming down. Lovely. Then, when I was walking out from the doctor's, it rained on me. What a lovely day.

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