Monday, March 16, 2009

Driving for two days.

Okay... Here is the story of our journey here:

I got up early on Saturday and picked up Erin from River Falls so she can Lucy and house sit. We got everything into the car and left probably around 10:15 I think. I really don't remember and if I make something up on this post, probably no one will care so I am saying we left at 10:15. We had to stop multiple times to pee, fuel, and eat. I had a Culver's hot dog, it was pretty much delicious. For dinner I had mini burgers, but they really were a kind of a sham because it was actually just one full sized burger cut into quarters and placed onto tiny buns. Its really not the same at all, because the burger was WAY too thick to be considered a mini burger. But anyway, we stayed in Indiana and watched prison specials before going to bed.

We tried to leave at 8:30 on Sunday, but my sister took a forever long shower and caused much delay. I ahd continental breakfast, and then we were on the road going through boring old Ohio. There was much stopping and forcing of me to pee unnecessarily. Then, we arrived and ate sloppy joes, played skip bo, exchanged spoken words amongst family and went to bed.

And now I'm here. That is the chronological story, but here are the interesting things:

1. We saw two different herds of bison.
2. I took a picture of a water treatment plant because it was the hugest one I'd ever seen.

Today I checked my mail and I got a reply from the apartment lady I'd like to rent from. She has an awesome apartment and seems very nice, so that could be a good possibility. I don't know what else is on the docket for this week, but I think I covered the bare minimum needed for another post.


P.S. My sister can't read a map as well as I can. The photo is of my sister driving past a fiberglass chicken. It was a stealth shot, so the quality suffered a bit but I highly recommend it anyway.

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