Monday, March 30, 2009

I have food now, rejoice!

This weekend went pretty well considering how crappy my week was. I felt almost 100% better on Saturday after taking the max dose I'm allowed of Tylenol. I feel bad about taking medicine, but in this case I think the ends justified my means.

On saturday, my friend Jessica drove up to visit me from Winona. Ashley (also my friend) came with and we did mostly a bunch of nothing. Of course, as with everyone who doesn't live here who comes to visit, we had to go to the Mall of America even though none of us really needed anything. Then we went to Figlio's, Jess's favorite place for a BLT. After that we drove around, got lost a few times, and headed to a blown glass store that had some really neat stuff in it. After that we ran through lanes of traffic to cross the street to the Co-op, and we bought ourselves dessert. I had carrot cake, which was amazingly natural and full of carrot. The number two ingredient was actually carrot (right after the #1, which was cream cheese for the frosting) so I consider it eating carrots. Then we checked out The Mother of All Goodwills to see if they had anything we absolutely needed, but there wasn't much beyond a very neat basket and some pottery done by school children that will serve as my change jar. It was a good find, if you ask me... $1.05 has never been better spent.

Saturday night, Jess & Ashley drove home and I went to eat steak with my parents at my sister's house. I don't like steak much, so I wasn't too impressed and I ended up eating WAYY too much meat that day. Sunday morning I went to eat breakfast with Jared, Elisa, my parents, & her inlaws. It was good, but I couldn't eat anywhere near all of it, which was disappointed becasue I felt starved. After breakfast my parents took Elisa & I grocery shopping and we filled a cart with delicious goods to last me a while. After that, we went geocaching so Jared was pretty excited about it.

I, however, was less excited because my Dad likes to bushwhack a lot, and it was pretty melty and muddy outside. We crossed through a frozen marshy area and my foot broke through the ice and practically gave me trench foot from walking around with a wet foot the rest of the day. After a long day of geocaching, we ate dinner at Culver's and went home. And now today I am sore and I barely want to move, but at least I got exercise?

This morning I ate one of my new high fiber bagels with my favorite cream cheese... mmm.. delicious.

As far as the baby goes... He's about 4-5 inches long now from head to butt, not including the legs. His eyes are facing forward now, so he looks a little less alien freaky from head on. He moves around a bunch, mostly just hanging out, drinking amniotic fluid and then peeing it out before drinking it again. Ew. Somtime soon I should be able to feel him moving, and I'm sort of scared that will freak me out. (Then I'll have the "nest of squirrels in my uterus" nightmare again about them gnawing out of me.. ew...)

Anyway, thats about it for now. I might go eat another bagel.


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