Friday, March 27, 2009

Back in school, expelling the doom/gloom.

Okay.. this week has been, well, evil. I've had a horrid headache for three days straight now, and about the only thing I want to do is lie in the dark with ice on my head. The headache has lightened up abit, so I've put the computer on dim and I'll post to update y'all.

Yesterday I was mostly terrified/freaking out because I started bleeding a little bit. No worries, though.. doctor said it was fine. Today, however, I went down to breakfast alone and I got to suddenly feeling very hot, sweaty, and shaky. I ended up half fainting onto Fat UDS Manager. It was highly embarrassing, but they at least made me a ham and cheese omelet to order and I sat down there for a good long time before I went back up to my room. Then, I went to do my lab for soil sciences this afternoon, and the same thing mysteriously happened again, and I feel in general horrible. My diagnosis and prescription is that I am lame, and I must sleep the rest of the day with blankets blocking the light from my windows. Sounds good to me.

But, in the interest of positive thoughts for today, I made a small list of physical objects that make me happy inside.

1. The ugly piece of rubber caulked onto the faucet handle in my shower stall. After complaining many times about hitting my head when I bent over, nice maintenance man Gary whipped up his ugly rubber caulk solution. And, while it still hurts if/when I hit my head on it, it makes me feel good that he was nice enough to make it for me.

2. Nasty Old Crow that lives on the roof outside my window. Originally, I thought N.O.C. would be an eyesore and a nuisance, but he has proven himself a good entertainer during hte boring winter months. He has slowly but steadily piled scraps of shiny things and soda cans into a corner, and watching him carry his latest find up to his lair is a spectacular feat worthy of at least 15 minutes of my attention. I've come to see N.O.C. as the best neighbor I've got, because he doesn't barf in my bathroom or make noises while I'm trying to sleep.

3. The garbage can with "Love Will Save Us" carved into its lid. I laughed when I first saw this. Its kind of ironic that such an uplifting statement be carved into (of all things) a garbage can. While waiting outside during fire drills, I've often wondered who carved it there... probably some hippie with a bright outlook on life.

4. Three dimensional animal shaped pencil topper erasers. I like to play with them, and even if they don't actually erase anything, they're made in fun colours and everyone who sits by me either enjoys them or thinks I am crazy. Above all else, I smile because I am finally allowed to have them. (Take that, private Catholic school for denying me animal erasers! They're mine now!)

5. Ice pack. Ice pack is my new stuffed animal that I sleep with. Sometimes even without a headache I like to strap him around my head and go to sleep. When I wake up and he is no longer frozen, I enjoy spending the first few minutes of being awake squishing his freezy gels back and forth in my fingers.

That is about all the happiness I can muster for now. More later when my head is no longer threatening to explode.


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