Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back for more.

So, I thought being home at my parents' house would mean that I'd have plenty of food options. There ought to be at least 10 different dinner options I can make for myself at any time here.

But then, I opened the fridge door and... EMPTY! I was so shocked I didn't even noticed that I had wandered to the kitchen cabinets and opened them and... EMPTIER!! Not even any fruit on the counter! I never thought I'd live to see the day when my pantry and fridge are better stocked than my parents'. I had to scavenge the freezer for forgotten frozen food items I left behind when I went to school. I found some pizza bursts, which I mysteriously forgot ever existed until I saw the bag 5 minutes ago. I'm willing to bet this will be some serious heartburn but now that I've seen them, I  must eat them.

I caught up a bit on my facebook stalking. I realized that maybe I'm not the only one having a baby. I can think of 4 others in my grade, but considering that I am somewhat snotty and think I'm better htan them... It only semi makes me feel better.

I made sure to comment on Irene's page. She's due to pop any time starting um... around now or something, I guess. I'm not totally sure I just know it should be soon. And the craziest thing came over me... I wanted to pester her. In the same way that people pester me about being pregnant. I mean, the last thing I want to tell somebody again is when I'm due or hear them make jokes/give advice about labor/handswelling/unwieldyness. I HATE everyone saying crap like that to me, yet what do I feel compelled to do to Irene? I want to make some sort of birthing/labor comment. I even had one typed out. And then, in a moment of strength, I deleted it and added something less pregnanty. What has come over me that I was even tempted to BUG another pregnant person?! Insanity.

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