Thursday, May 28, 2009

Give me an "F"

Garage saled today. Man can I sell. It ought to be my profession. We got a good amount of traffic and sold a good amount of stuff.

Then we went for lunch while people were viewing the house and we stopped at Once Upon A Child. I got some MATERNITY CLOTHES. And they fit me. And they weren't arm and a leg expensive, either. I tried on a lot of things, and probably 50% of what I tried on looked pretty good. My mom tried to scare me by setting off the fire alarm though. It scared the crap out of Babyzilla and made him practically break my rib when he jumped. 

But... Once Upon A Child was a hit. LOTS of stuff. Some new, some used. I got some shorts and some tops that make me look pregnant, but not gigantic. At least in my opinion anyway. I'm pretty sure everything will end up making me look gignatic when I am actually gigantic but.. you know.. for now, everythign is gravy. 

Oh yeah, I almost forgot.. I found a bra that fits me and makes me look pretty good! What a miracle! I thought size "F" was seriously a joke size that somebody made up, but no... I am an "F" now. As embarrassing as it is, I am just going to throw that out there in case some othe rpregnant people are also reading this and lamenting their boobs. Sometimes, "F" is a reality.

Tomorrow we might be heading back to the cities iwth a load of boxes. As long as the weather holds out, I think thats where we'll be. We're definitely going to go over to Sears to check out strollers. I found a really great option today at Once Upon a Child and it turns out there are a couple other similar models that might work well for me too. They're less expensive and more hwat I want than the one on my registry so I think I'll end up making some changes.  Who would've thought that Sears would be a goldmine for baby gear? Now, if I need baby gear, a Maytag appliance, or power tools... I'll keep Sears in mind.

Oh, yeah. I heard from Jared tonight and he is not dead either. In case some of you were wondering. But he still has no phone number so I'll probably talk to him when I see him again either Saturday or Sunday. I guess he is having a good time at his job, even if he has to work all day every day. 

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