Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sitting in the car to use the U's internet.

Jared is back at work already so I’m back to staring at boxes to unpack by myself. Its lonely being here all alone.. I wish I had a dog or a cat to talk to at least.

I had a lot to do this weekend but I didn’t want to do much of it because I was spending time with Jared. We went to Build-A-Bear finally and fulfilled the Mother’s Day moose idea. We named him Wallace. Even though it was kind of embarrassing to be there, it was fun. We weren’t even the only adults there. My hands and my feet swelled up from too much mall walking, though, so next time I’ll have to be more direct and spend less time window shopping.

Saturday night we drove the truck back home to LaCrosse and then turned around to come back. We came within 5 feet of hitting a deer while going 70 mph.  I don’t know how my little car would have handled that, but it probably wouldn’t have been very well. The only reason I avoided the deer was because I noticed one of the side reflectors on the road suddenly “go out.” I thought.. huh.. that’s weird. Reflectors aren’t electric so what could make a reflector stop reflecting? …DEER! *Slam on breaks. Skid to a stop in front of what looked like a gigantic deer. Honk at deer. Deer stares and does nothing for a while before running across the other lanes of traffic.* Talk about my astute driving skills.

I always tell Jared to be my deer watcher for me, but I realized last night that he probably isn’t worth much for that. He didn’t even see the deer until it was almost through our windshield. At first he thought I was crazy for slamming on the breaks. But then again, maybe we didn’t hit the deer because he prayed not to hit a deer before we left. So maybe he’s worth having as deer watcher after all.

After a near death experience, most things I have to post about seem pretty bland. I got a new table & chairs from a church sale. They look pretty impressive in the dining room. I got the crib all assembled and put the mattress in it only to find out that the mattress is somehow too narrow. There is a 5 inch gap between the sides of the mattress and the railings. I’m going to look to see if they make a mattress that’s a tad wider. I hope they do, because after hauling that crib across country and taking the time I did to spiff it up with pledge… I’m a bit invested.

I have a garbage can now. Its luxurious to not have a trash bag pile in the center of the kitchen anymore. My bathtub finally has a drain plug so I can take a bath. Its kind of hard to get in and out of the bathtub though. I didn’t think my stomach was really much in the way, but I guess when you’re trying to maneuver in a deep claw-foot tub it’s a bit of an obstacle. I kind of made a tidal wave splash onto the floor that I had to get out and clean up. Oops.

I hung  my Ikea artwork above my bed, but I think I mis-measured a bit or something because it doesn’t seem to be in the middle of the wall to me. I may end up redoing it but for now its staying where it is.

Government rebate coupons are coming in the mail for the digital TV box. I really hope they get here soon so I can get to ordering the converter box and have AWESOME television. Yay. I’ve already researched the best boxes on Amazon and I know which one I’m going to get. Its $2 more than the rebate coupon, but for its awesome ratings I think I’m willing to shell out the extra two bucks.

That’s all the excitement of the apartment I can think of for now. If you get bored, don’t hesitate to call.. I welcome the entertainment. I’ve got a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday and then after that I’m heading back to LaCrosse so I can go to my niece’s graduation and hang out with my brother. 

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