Thursday, May 14, 2009

Savage, from the front steps.

I'm waiting for my sister on the front steps of her house so I thought I'd take the time to post. Today was mostly productive. I moved a car load of my stuff to the apartment and went sale-ing with my parents to try and pick up things for the mission in Kentucky or for my apartment/baby. We got most of a truckload full. My acquisitions for the day were an awesome rug, a picture room divider & a glider.

Also, I got to eat a Mr. D's donut this morning for breakfast so that part was pretty good. No one makes a donut better than Mr. D's. Mmmm.. old fashioned cruller.

When my sister gets done working we're going to go out to eat and maybe stop by this kids clothing sale I just found on Craigslist. Its only a mile or so away so.. how could we not go?

Tomorrow I hope I can get all of my stuff packed and at least most of it moved. Then I should have some time to study for my soil final on Saturday. After that I'll head home a few days to pick up some things I've got at the house and help my mom go through some rooms to clear our some of their accumulations before putting hte house up for sale.

Interesting things I saw today but did not purchase:
-An old brass diver's helmet.
-A rocking horse which was actually a big plush labrador.
-"Pooping Cow" - a child's board game about pooping cows.
-Lots of crap they couldn't pay me to take.

I think thats all I've got for today. Maybe more later.

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