Sunday, May 10, 2009


Today I practiced my Jurassic Park special effects. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, a bunch of people are trapped in an electric car and the power goes out and they're stuck waiting for it to come back on. A little boy notices that a cup of water is rippling, and people start to realize that the ground is trembling because A GIANT DINO IS AFTER THEM!

That is the part I can do. I can put a cup of water on my stomach and Babyzilla hits it and makes the water ripple. Its the closest to Jurassic Park I'll ever get. 

My other pregnancy skills are not nearly so glamorous. Its not like swelling hands is a superhero power or anything.  There is no Forgetfullness Woman heroin that I know of.  Nor is there a Miss Acne, a Lady of Poor Balance, or an If-I-Smell-That-Stinky-Thing-Again-I'll-Barf Woman. So yeah.. I'll stick to my stomach, which moves all by itself. That will be my trick.

We got the apartment we wanted. Its official now. We've got keys and everything. We even have.. A HUTCH. What do people like Jared & I put inside a built-in hutch? I don't know. 

Its a basic 2 bedroom apartment. Virtual written tour:

Enter in from the main hall and you're in our living room. Its big, and at the moment, empty. The living room connects to the dining room via a big arched opening. The dining room has a built in hutch, and connects to a big walk-in sized closet which I am going to use as  a combination pantry & coat closet.  Down the hall from the dining room, there are two bedrooms on the right. Each is of modest proportions, but has its own closet. One bedroom even has a ceiling fan. To the left of the hallway is the bathroom. It has a footed bathtub, which Jared is excited about because all the other apartments we looked at only had showers. There isn't much space in the bathroom, but well, its a bathroom. At the end of the hall lies the kitchen. It has the usual fridge & oven, but also a dishwasher. Luxurious, huh? The sink is nice and big, which I like, but the counter space is meager. I do feel like there is a lot of cabinet space now, but I'm sure once I get food and other junk in there it'll seem like I need more.  Excepting the kitchen, the whole place is hardwood floors and pretty bright. There are some nice big windows that let a lot of light in. 

We're not sure which room we should devote to Babyzilla. One bedroom is larger, but only has one window and lacks a ceiling fan. The other bedroom, although smaller, has two windows and the fan. Do we give him the bigger room because we could block out the light in there and make it easier for him to nap? That would leave us with the smaller room, but I could enjoy the ceiling fan in there. Or, should we give him the smaller room just because he's smaller? For some reason it seems like a complicated issue, but when I write it out it really isn't. But still... I can't make up my mind. 

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