Thursday, May 7, 2009

Spring clean!

While Jared is down at pasta night, I thought I'd write a bit.  I like the thought of eating at UDS pasta night but the fact is that the tomato sauce gives me magma-magnitude heartburn and I would just rather have some Raisin Bran than face that.

Jared's snack was a hit. Everyone said it was the best meal prepared, with the exception of the people who went overboard and had their meals catered. Our key to success was the crockpots, because most of the other students' meals had been served cold. (Even the spaghetti meal was served cold. Ew.) Also, we had foods taht went well together, and if I do say so myself the chili cheese dogs were pretty great. We got a little bit more than two hot dogs a person, and they were all gone. All of the chips & soda disappeared as well. I feel good that I was able to help him, and I'm glad he had a good day at work. 

Jared finally received his new roommate assignment and he is happy about it. He's assigned to live with two different people, which I think sucks. He has to live in one room for 3 weeks and then he has to move to a different room with a different person. His first roommate is a flamer, but Jared likes him and he's very nice. His second roommate is a quiet guy who doesn't say much but is equally nice. Jared is happy, so thats all that matters. He was just relieved that he didn't have to live iwth the guy we nicknamed shoebomber.

On a different note, all of this apartment searching has made me realize that we're pretty low on household goods. (If by "low" I mean "nonexistent" then that statement was true.)

So... I turn to you!! Once we're all settled into our apartment, I would like to extend my offer to y'all to accept your spring cleaning. Got a breadmachine you never use? I'd hold it dear to my heart. Have a spice cabinet filled with duplicate spices? They'd be the belles of my menu! Anything you've got to stock an apartment, I'd be grateful for.

Just in case you've got a bunch of stuff in storage you can part with, or you just want to clean out your house, here is a list of things we need:

-End table/coffee tables
-Dining room table & chairs (matching not necessary!)

-Appliances: we have a toaster oven & a mixer, but beyond that we're starting from a blank slate. I'm especially interested in finding a little food processor or something for mangling regular foods into baby foods.
-Pots & Pans
-Cookie sheets
-Kitchen towels, oven mitts, etc.
-Utensils: We have some silverware, but we could use more. Also, things like potato peelers, garlic presses, ice cream scoops, wooden spoons, spatulas... We'd love those too.
-Pantry items: Got a full pantry? We'll take things like salt, flour, canned goods, spices, condiments... Anything thats got a shelf life we'll take. 
-Kitchen garbage can
-Cleaning supplies: rags, used or unused cans of dusting spray, 409, Lysol etc., a vacuum cleaner.

-A few towels
-Bathroom cleaners
-Toilet scrubber
-A bath rug or mat

-Rugs or carpets
-Screwdrivers, flashlights, other tools.
-Baby gates
-Light bulbs

So... get to spring cleaning folks! Unlike Goodwill, I can promise you that a smiling face will take your items off your hands and that they may even be featured on an awesome blog. (Hint: That blog of which I speak is this one.)

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