Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Yeah, so its been a while..

Some of you thought I was dead. Some of you just worry too much. I can assure you, I'm not dead. I mean... if you were REALLY that worried, you should've picked up the phone and called. My blog isn't a one way street!

But anyway... I've been away because I've been moving into the new apartment, and alas, in its new status, it has no internet. Also I've been making trips back and forth to home to try and recover as many treasures as I can before my parents give them all away to Kentucky or put them in a rummage sale. I've made a good haul. I'm feeling pretty confident about hte stocked-ness of my kitchen. I've got... potS now. 

I spoke to some of you about my pots and pans dilemma. I wanted ot make things on the stove, but I realized I had no pots or pans. Jared and I went to Goodwill and found one that looked brand new, took her home, washed her up, and she was great. I should've picked up a pan, however, because making pancakes in a pot is near impossible. Especially without a spatula. I ahve the burns to prove it.

BUT! That problem has been overcome and I've got most of the kitchen utinsels I'll need. (Except a pan. I have a tortilla grill thing for the stove though which works great for pancakes.) So... if any of you have a blender you don't use, a neglected breadmaker, or... A PAMPERED CHEF FOOD CHOPPER... 

I will pay you in fine eating if you feel fit to bestow those items upon me.

Otherwise, moving in has been a slow, tedious process. Everything must be dusted and cleaned before it can be used as a place to store all of my junk. Ceiling fans, blinds, closets, drawers... EVERYTHING had a thick layer of dust. I actually took down the blinds and took them into the shower with me. I'm trying to make the place as dust free as possible so I don't have to put up with Jared's sneezing and "mouth itching." His so-called "mouth itching" makes a swishing water noise and it drives me nuts. So hopefully no dust = no mouth itching. 

Speaking of Jared, he ahs started his job which means he has started.... (be ready for a shock here!) ... wearing shorts! He looks so cute. I can't beleive he thinks its so hot here that he is willing to wear shorts, even after refusing to wear them in Florida.  Wonders never cease. 

Hmm.. This is a random post. I feel like I should have tons to say but maybe the truth is that my life is boring. More stuff:

-I started "lessons" for Babyzilla. A well meaning, unnamed family member purchased the BabyPlus Prenatal Learning System for him. I'm skeptical, but I figure the worst thing it'll do is drive me nuts for a few months, and at best it will cause our baby to be born with superpowers. Right now I lean towards the superpowers option. Either BZ really hates it or he really loves it because he goes hyperactive ninja on me whenever its time to do a session of it. Each "lesson" is basically just a series of beats that play into my stomach... Its supposed to teach basic pattern awareness or something so that the baby can self-soothe himself? I don't know. The doctor says it won't hurt anything and may even help so... sure. I'll do it since its supposed to help him be more alert, nurse better, sleep through the night, and save the world... (Well, I made up that last one.)

-Just FYI: I cleaned my toilet with vinegar and it really worked magic on the bowl ring. Jared won't let me use ANY cleaners of any sorts, so I tried just plain vinegar in desperation and it was miraculous how clean my bowl came.

-I may have to sink to the level of maternity undies, but I'm not quite ready to go that low yet. I think I'll move up to size L cheap Target-ies before I have to get those gigantic monsters.

-Can anyone tell me how well the Swiffer vacuum thing works? I was looking at it in the store and it just looks so wimpy and smalll.... but then again, I don't need anything heavy duty. Any experience in that area?

-Also, things have been strangely breaking down for me this past month. First, the demise of my car's starting capability. Y'all know that story. But then, with my brutish strength, I pulled off a doorknob to a closet, broke a wooden spoon, and gave myself a gigantic gash while trying to shave my legs. My car's AC/fan broke randomly out of nowhere and I've got to get that fixed tomorrow. The drive home was interesting because without being able to turn on the fan (it makes a dentist drill noise and smells burny chemical-y) I had to defog my windows by having the windows rolled down. In the rain. For the 2.5 hour drive. While it was freezing out. Thats not it. When I plugged in my computer to write this post, I noticed that the magnet in my laptop charger has gotten magnetified the wrong way because it won't fit correctly in the slot anymore. Why me!?

Jared is working every day this week and without a cell phone that means no talking to him. I miss him him around to do things for me -- I mean, I miss having him around. :)

I'll try to post more while I'm here at my parents house but I've been quite forgetfully lately. No promises here. Just know that I'm not dead.

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