Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Don't judge me. (Fine, but just a little bit, Okay?)

Oh, Say it Isn't So!

Normally I don't post twice in a day. Especially not twice in an hour's time. But I remembered that I did this and I now think it quite ridiculous so I'll share it with you for its potential EV (Entertainment Value).

Last weekend I was looking at all of my underwear folded in my drawer, and I started weeping. Oh, the colours! They were so beautiful! Behold, the jewel toned beauties I have accumulated over time! The fabrics, the patterns, the wonder of it all! I was entranced by my underwear drawer, no lies.

And then, I held up each pair that I had and thought about when/where I bought them. What fond memories! Crazy, but true. And then I lamented that approximately 2 out of every 3 were a size/cut that I could no longer wear. I am going to have to get either nasty maternity underwear, or buy some big ones from Target. You know.. the kind that comes in a multipack. Ew. Hanes. Yuck. I can practically hear my pretties gossiping in hushed tones about the newer, uglier underwear I'll soon start wearing. Oh, how disgraceful. The shame! The scorn I will receive from the beauties in my drawer! I don't know how I'll bear it.

But honestly.. who thinks this much about underwear? Who has this whole underwear anthropomorphism thing going on? Not me. (Okay. Maybe me... But I'll never admit it again.)

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