Thursday, July 2, 2009

Slave Narratives.

Okay so... I did some things this morning but this afternoon I've got nothing to do. I mean nothing. There are tumbleweeds on my desk.

So what does a person do when she has no more work left? Check email. Nine million times. Stalk on Facebook. 30 times. Eat Wheat Thins. Eat Raisins. Eat last cookie. Drink last of the milk.  Poke at Babyzilla.

And then, I got creative. I googled "Slave Narratives" for some unknown reason. And they're weird. And I mean really weird. Weird like when your hair stylist looks an awful lot like the guy you saw on America's Most Wanted the other night, but you know you can't say anything because, c'mon.. that guy is inches away from your eyes with a scissors, and would you really want to risk his reaction either way?

But anyway, I read this one and its like... I don't know if I should be entertained or freaked out. Quote: "Dere is sho' goin' to be a corpse close 'round here." (,+Alice) )

And then I started thinking.. Wow. This is too weird. I can be normaler than that. So I decided to entertain myself in a more normal way, which was for me.. WATCHING JAPANESE BUG FIGHTS! They are exactly what you'd expect, complete with Japanese commentator. Two bugs are put into a tiny aquarium and then they fight to the death. Because what about that isn't entertaining? Exactly. Nothing. I knew you'd agree with me.

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