Thursday, July 16, 2009

My new habit...

I had to buy more Rainier cherries. They're just so good. But expensive. I feel guilty when I eat them now, like maybe I should be secretive about it. From the way I sneak those cherries in, you'd think they were pieces of double chocolate meltdown cheesecake or something. Cherries are healthy.. I should be proud, right? But nope. I can't be. Not when cherries are like $4 and something a pound.

Jessica came to visit my yesterday, yay! We didn't do much but we had fun anyway. Hancock was having a sale so I got some awesome fabric to cover my seat cushions with. It'll give them a look totally my own and its something fun for me to do. We rented some cheesy horror movies and made gigantic ice cream sundaes, so all in all it was an excellent time.

Jared gets some time off of work starting tomorrow, so his friend Rob is coming to visit. Maybe that will motivate me enough to get all of the boxes unpacked before he gets here. Maybe, but probably not.

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  1. Last blog was July 16th??! need more updates please!! i need to know what you are doing everyday! call me soon snooks!