Monday, July 6, 2009

Great Success

I FINALLY got confirmation from Fairview about my class. They sent me a letter of confirmation telling me that I was registered for a class that was... OOPS... like 5 days ago. So, since they already took me gold (I'm a leprechaun today, apparently) I had to call and complain and after about 50 million tries I got transferred to a nice woman who signed me up for the next available date at no charge to me. What a lovely lady.

Therefore, I will be attending the Birth & Family Education class July 18th & 19th. There will be food. I will be happy, and I 'm hoping that the class is a little less frightening than the book they sent out to me.

The book made it seem like if I used any pain meds at all, it would be practically akin to drowning kittens or something horrible like that. I mean.. I guess I'd rather have them be more anti-drugs than completely I'll-Dope-You-So-Much-It'll-Be-Like-An-Amersterdam-Vacation. But at the same time.. I don't want to feel guilty if I walk in and I think I am going to split in two and decide I would like some sweet pharmaceutical relief. We'll wait and see how it goes - maybe the nurses and staff are a little more approachable than the pages of Facts about the Fairview Birthing Experience. I hope so. But also, there will be food so... I shouldn't be disappointed.

This weekend was nice. Jared & I went with some of his friends to Stillwater to participate in much camping and fireworking. The fireworks show was nice, if thats what you're into. Babyzilla was not into it. At least that is what I assume. He was either A.) utterly jubilant and was partying it up or B.) petrified and trying to claw his way out to safety. For the size of Stillwater, I thought the show was pretty nice.

The camping was full of chips & bratwurst, so that makes it A-OK in my book. Because, who doesn't like bratwurst? (Jared. Whats with that!!? And he's even part German, I don't get it.)

The doctor just called to ask me if I had taken the Vitamin D supplement when I went in for the tests. She was thoroughly impressed that I stopped taking the D & it was still so awesome (especially when you consider it was so crappy before!) YAY! Something I am good at! I am skilled at the ol' Vitamin D and tahts good enough for me.

Speaking of doctor visits... I've got another one on Friday. Fun times! I am so pro at peeing in a cup that you wouldn't even believe it. I could probably do it blindfolded with one hand handcuffed behind my back - I am that good. I had another mystery bleedy episode today but I'm not freaked out by it at all because.. well.. its old hat to me. There is no point in calling them all panickied 'cause they're jsut going to say the same thing they did last time which is: Be lazy, do nothing, make sure you feel him moving. Thats it. So I can handle being lazy for now and then on Friday she'll poke at me and tell me all lights are green again.

One last thought before I leave you to read the blogs of my dear preggy community: Where does vinegar come from? I've been wondering for some time, and I finally looked it up. It comes from allowing a distilled type of alcohol oxidize. Heinz says their white vinegar comes from "sun-ripened grain and crystal clear water" so there you go. Weird. I never would have thought it.

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