Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In which I show them I am not an idiot.

Today I took my car down to the dealership to see if I can get Mystery Disease of my car cured. I took it to them before and they were unable to diagnose the problem, and on top of that they made me feel like an idiot. (Jason the Manager, I know your name now and I will not hesitate to complain about you if somebody would provide me with the proper forum!)

I honestly thought this visit would be no different... I'd take the car in, tell them it overheats and acts all crazy, and then they'd smile, take my car for 3 hours, and send it back to me with no changes made. Things definitely weren't off to a great start when the courtesy van driver forgot to pick me up and I spent an hour in the waiting room....

But then, THEN, My Dear Readers, they found what was wrong! It took them the whole day to diagnose the problem but I am NOT crazy! Turns out some fans on something or other weren't working, and they need to order some parts to replace whatever is broken. This may mean that my air conditioner will condition once again and I can drive my car worry free! Its kind of a pain int eh butt to have my parents dealing with their rental car and to have to wait for my car to be fixed on Thursday but hey, at least they recognized the problem this time. I have been validated, and my worth as a human being has been redeemed. Score one for me.

Other than that, not much happened today that I can remember. Maybe something happened, but it has been overshadowed by The Great Car Fixing and I can't recall. That happens to me a lot.

Oh! One more thing to add: I AM GOING TO BE RICH! (Not really, but its a start.) The hospital really wants to study me & Babyzilla, so I've been signed up for some more studies. They're all pretty boring things... fill out this survey and receive $20! But hey, I've got plenty of time and I'm excellent at staying in the circles with a #2 pencil. It could be my calling.

Oh wait, one more thing! Or Two. Maybe two. Then thats it - I'm pretty sure. 1.) Jared's work is throwing us a baby shower this weekend, yay! 2.) My SNAC (Sweet New Air Conditioner) is going to be installed, Jared willing, this weekend so I can have my bedroom a bit cooler at night to catch some wonderful shut eye. No more leaving sweat imprints in the sheets! I am going to be living it up.

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