Thursday, July 9, 2009

Those Similac coupons go like hotcakes.

Today I'm at my sister's house enjoying the relatively coolness of her house and using her non-deathtrap shower. Her dogwalker couldn't come today so I stepped in to enjoy the benefits of her house (and also maybe to help her out.)

I've been going through some stuff I got a long ways back and getting rid of coupons I won't use. I had quite a few coupons for formula, but since I won't be using any (hopefully) I put them up on freecycle for anyone who wants them. They're already gone. Can't believe how many people wanted them.

I've also got coupons for other stuff, but I don't know what to do with them... I don't know that I'd ever buy myself a Johnson's gift set, but I've got a coupon for one. Its a pretty good coupon too - $3 off of a $10 gift basket (or a$ 20 or $25 one, but I thought the $10 set was the most useful.) So... if you know of somebody out there who is buying a gift basket as a gift (or for themselves) then I'll pass on the coupon but until then I will hold onto it JUST IN CASE. (Like all of the 9 million other things I have for J.I.C. situations. This baby is turning me into a packrat.)

Not much else has gone on. I locked myself out last night but you know how that goes. Tomorrow is another appointment. Tonight I'm eating dinner with my parents. Paul the Cat is going psycho trying to eat a fly. Lucy is sleeping on the couch because she is too lazy to care about a fly. And I'll leave you, on that note. Maybe tomorrow I'll have something inspiring for you.

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