Sunday, May 2, 2010


Last night my parents watched Oliver so we could go out and have fun. I drove their new VW Routan home, and I have to admit... I want a minivan now.

 I am willing to trade my social cool factor for convenience. I felt pretty BA cruising down the road... pull out in front of my minivan? I WON'T GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT! Step in front of my little Yaris? Um, excuse me, don't mind me while I quietly CRUMPLE LIKE TIN FOIL.

There were so many buttons. The doors! The automatic ease with which they can be opened! The window shade screens, the DVD players, the cupholders! I'm sold. I am willing to look like a soccer mom pulling up to parties just so I can have a passenger seat AND a car seat in the car at the same time! Novel concept for us.

Don't even get me started on the Sirius radio. I'm willing to bet that very little can top the feeling of driving down the interstate with 40's hits playing on the radio, COMMERCIAL FREE. Makes you feel like a whole new woman. Bonus 900 awesome points.

But anyway. I got to drive the new van for the night. I picked up Jared and we eventually wound up at a friend's going away party. Sometimes I wish I were more of a normal college student, but after last night I decided I am okay with my boring life. Less heart attack inducing, I think. Less liver failure, for sure.

The party was only a few blocks away so we could walk. I ended up being the designated hair-holder-backer for a couple of people, which isn't fun but is sometimes necessary on the college scene.  Definitely made me realize that I'm not missing that much staying home with Oliver. When it comes down to it, I'd rather risk the occasional diaper seepage than have to deal with full grown people's vomit. Helping people stumble safely to his or her own bed makes for interesting stories, but it really is something I'd rather avoid. Let's just pause for an imaginary pat on the back for me potentially saving people's lives.

Now, after that I think I am done with any parties for quite some time.

BUT! Anyway. None of that really has anything to do with what I wanted to say in this post.

Tomorrow evening, Jared has to go to a strange dinner for doing well in his lab class. Besides some sort of lame certificate & a free meal, we don't know what he gets. Neither of us is thrilled at the prospect of him going. Boo that he has to go, but yay that he did well. ("Well" in this case is a relative term. Everyone else in the class sucked a lot. He only sucked a little bit, so that means he did "well.")

Tomorrow afternoon is another apartment showing, so I've got my fingers crossed that it will be the perfect next home for us. It's in a great location, so it's potential is high.

Tuesday I'm going to work on artful arrangement of our apartment so we can list it for rent.

I'm going to try to squeeze in some time to visit some condos my parents are looking at buying. Probably on Wednesday or something like that. 

Thursday night Jared's mom flies in for a weekend visit.

Saturday is Jared's first final, so he'll be busy all week as well. At least this year is almost over with.

I may or may not be too busy to post for a little bit here. If so, accept my apologies. I'll make sure to upload videos so you'll forgive me.

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