Thursday, May 20, 2010

Tell her what she's won, Bob! A NEW CAR!

So I didn't win a new car. I did, however, win a subscription to Canadian Family magazine. I was one of the lucky individuals over at Ironic Mom's blog to be chosen at random.  Best luck I've had all week!

So, in case any of you have clicked your way through to my page from there... welcome!

Now. Back to your regularly scheduled time slot of my whinging and bellyaching.

It is hot. Hot. Capital H. Hot.  As in, we don't have air conditioning. Hot. As in, the baby wears only a diaper and still is sticky with sweat. As in, Jared is most definitely a nutter. He won't let me open the windows for fear of the menacing allergens waiting to storm in through our screens. I accept this in some ways, but... you know. The thermostat is singing another tune entirely.

Jared: Allergies! Runny nose! I could take a Claritin to fix it, but where would the fun in that be?
Thermostat display: 80F
Jared: But my eyes itch!
Thermostat display: 80F
Jared: But! But!
Thermostat display: 80F.

The thermostat wins.  The ceiling fans are on nonstop. Our one box fan has been working sweat shop hours. The mini desk fan I had coughed her last death rattle some time weeks ago. THE WINDOWS NEED TO BE OPENED.

This may be why I am getting antsy about moving into one of our new apartment options. Air conditioning. CENTRAL air conditioning.  I'm sure my antsiness has nothing to do with, oh... you know. Needing to be out of here in eleven days. Because eleven days is plenty of time to find a new home and move into it, right? Good. I thought so too.

P.S. If the new realtor gets into a car accident or if a piano falls on her head right before our scheduled showing today, I'll just take that as my final bad omen and move on...

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