Friday, May 28, 2010

We won't be homeless.

It's pretty official. We're getting the keys and signing the lease on our new place this afternoon. Which means, we can start moving in tonight! The only thing that might be in the way is the carpet might be a little damp - they're cleaning it this morning.

What a relief. It is nice to know that we'll have the whole weekend to move, not just one day. We've run out of boxes, so that means we're going to drive all our clothes over, hang them in the closets, and take back our empty boxes for more.

The amount of stuff we have is unreal. It never looked like we had that much stuff because I can do a pretty good job of squirreling things out of sight. I've been giving things away and selling things left and right, and we still have a lot left. I posted a bag of baby clothes for give away yesterday and the woman who came to get them was floored. By the time she got here, I had accrued 3 bags of stuff: bibs, car seat cover, snowsuits, a front pack baby carrier, some sleepsacks, burp cloths, etc. I was originally just going to give her the mismatched clothes that wouldn't sell for much on Craigslist anyway, but after I talked to her I just felt like I should give her more. I'm so glad I did. She was so grateful she cried. That made my day feel good enough that I won't miss the $30 or whatever I would have made anyway.

Oliver is going to my parents' this afternoon and spending the night. I talked to him this morning to tell him what is going to happen, but really.. I have no idea how much he understands. "They" say that he understands more than we think, but how much more? This morning I was a little worried that he might think we've abandoned him at Grandma & Grandpa's.  Does he understand when I say I'll see him in a couple days? Does he know what days are?

I can't help but compare him to the dogs I've had... You leave them at the kennel to go on vacation, and they think they're being dropped off at the pound forever. When you come back, they're so happy to see you because they thought you were gone for good. Do you think that's what it's like for him? I know he likes it at my parents... he likes that they have tons of toys. He gets all the attention in the world there, but I still wonder if he misses me and worries that I might not come back.

If he doesn't understand what we say to him, the world must be totally weird to him. Imagine riding in an elevator: You step into a box, you get a weird feeling (You don't know what gravity or anything is like that!) and then the doors open and the magic box has transported you someplace new. How weird! We're going to send him away for a couple of days, but then when we pick him up we'll be going home to a completely new place. He'll have all of his stuff, but everything will be different. What will he think? I wish I could know how much he understands.

P.S. If you want our new address, email me. I sent out a blanket generic message to most people, but if I left you off of the list... My apologies. It was hot and I was tired when I wrote it. :)

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