Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Oh apartment, wherefore art thou so impossible to view.

Apparently some unseen force is trying to steer us away from our #1 apartment candidate. For our first apartment showing, Jared suddenly remembered he had something to do at school so only Oiver & I went. Then, we were unsure as to whether or not we liked the place, so we had to reschedule a time when Jared could take a look.

Obstacle one.

Then, when I called to schedule a second viewing, the lady was suddenly incredibly busy and couldn't get us in for another week. Well, okay. We had a little bit of time, so we said sure... pencil us in.

That was obstacle two.

When Monday finally rolled around, we showed up on time and waited and waited. No apartment lady. T+ 15 minutes and still no lady, so we decided to give her a call. No answer. We waited for 45 minutes... she didn't show, and she couldn't be reached on her cell. She had already called to confirm teh appointment earlier that afternoon, so we were boggled.

So went obstacle three.

Later that night, the apartment lady called to apologize. Her kid got sick and had to be taken to the hospital. I said okay, I'm pretty easy to assuage with a sick kid story. We set up another viewing appointment fot he next day.

We showed up, on time per usual, and after 5 minutes of waiting received a phone call. She was stuck in traffic, and would be 15-20 minutes. We said okay, and went for a walk while we waited for her. 20 minutes roll by, still no sign of her. Half an hour rolls by, still no sign of her. We waited for an hour and a half - no sign, no phone call, nothing. We went home.

That is how obstacle 4 came to be.

As I was just about to write a letter to the company complaining about htis lady's unprofessional behaviour, we received a phone call from the company. She got into a car accident. She was okay, but unable to drive and hsow up the apartmnet. Could we schedule some time to see the place with another lady?

Yes. So now we're waiting until 6:30 (I think) tomorrow to go and try to look at it again. I hope it's worth it, because we only have 12 days to be out of here.

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