Thursday, May 13, 2010

Practically a realtor.

I've been busy. Jared's mother flew in for Mother's Day weekend and we were too busy doing nothing to make a new blog post. :)

On Mother's Day itself I went to go visit my mommy while Jared studied for his final exams. While driving home from a restaurant, we found some baby duckies all by themselves on the side of the road. I rescued them.

All seven of them.

Since then, I've been showing our apartment like crazy. Lots of interest, lots of people asking for applications. I'm 99% sure I could be a real estate agent. The only thing holding me back is my lack of a poofy and/or feathered hairstyle. And maybe some shoulder pads.

SO. While it's great and all that people want to move in to our place, what isn't so great is that we've not got anywhere to move into yet. I've been in and out of so many apartments, and none feel just "right" to me. There are no shortages of shitholes around here. In fact, I would say that the off campus area is rife with them. The problem is that we're looking for something a little more home-like, a little less trenches of WWI-esque.

I can find great places. If Jared had a car and could drive to school, we'd have found a home 10 times over. I've found some true winners - but near campus or on a bus line? None yet. It's no wonder everyone loves our apartment... I think it's the only place within a mile of campus that could pass as a home. (It also doesn't hurt that I am a high quality interior decorator, there is a cute baby showing the apartment, and it smells like wildberry muffins in here.)

I have high hopes for some apartments this afternoon. One has a porch, and FREE IN-UNIT LAUNDRY. I love that feature. The other one is a bit spendy, but close to campus, well kept and spacious. Cross your fingers that one of them can be our home.

Oliver's opinions of the apartments are indecipherable. I don't know if the shrieks mean "Yes, I love it here!" or "Why did you bring me here, Mother? You're wasting my time." For him I'm looking for:

  1. Wood or laminate flooring (He tends to lick/bite carpet.)
  2. A bedroom that would afford him a dresser.
  3. A dishwasher
  4. Free laundry
  5. Parking
  6. Non claw foot death trap tub.
  7. Space for a table for family dinner time.
  8. Yard or nearby park, sidewalks etc for walks.

That shouldn't be so hard, right? Ha. Right.

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