Monday, May 24, 2010


Today is the day we find out if we get our awesome apartment. I'm totally excited. There is no reason that we shouldn't get it. We've got the money, we aren't criminal thugs, and in general we rock. HOWEVER. That doesn't stop my brain from thinking that maybe they'll find out about that time when I didn't return my library books for 2 weeks or that they'll somehow KNOW about the detentions I got in middle school. Like they would even matter.

Irrational, but I am kinda excited and nervous for it. I even found a swimsuit to use in their swimming pool! It isn't so glamorous - I mean, really. It isn't that attractive at all. But I'm not going to fall out of it anywhere and it is a step better than anything else I've found. I would actually like the suit in a smaller size - It is almost a piece of retro throwback awesome. In fact, I tried it on in a smaller size and liked the body of it, but couldn't fit into the boobs of it. Hence, I bumped up a size(s), and then the boobs at least fit in it even if the rest of my body is swallowed up. I'm hoping people will just pay attention to my arms and legs. Somehow they manage to look pretty good. Considering it was only a $25 suit, it isn't like I can't buy another one should The Dream Suit come along someday. (As a side note... if somebody could figure out how to Frankenstein the bottom of the smaller suit to the top of the bigger suit, you know... I'd love you for just about forever.)

Oliver is 8 months old. For his special celebratory event, he was sent to Grandma and Grandpa's place, which has A/C. Jared and I celebrated by moving the heaviest dresser you could ever find down from the 4th floor of an apartment building. It was only $20, though, so it was worthwhile. We also hauled in a new desk and ditched the old one. Jared decided the old desk was too small. He saw the new desk at Ikea, liked it, but I said, "No Jared. Too expensive." (Such is my lot in life.) So then I went on to Craigslist, found the exact desk (my lucky day!) and took her home for 1/3 retail price. Only one visible scratch on it. Am I great or am I great?

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