Wednesday, April 1, 2009

UDS never has good food.

I went down to eat UDS but then realized they weren't serving anything I'd eat so I came back up and decided to add a bit to the blog. I can't believe only two people have voted on hotdog vs dinosaur. Could it be that you people actually don't care whether or not our baby is dressed as unhealthy food or an extinct lizard!?

I've had to ration my bagels because they're my favorite thing to eat now. Jared tried to make me macaroni and cheese last night, but he sort of failed. Or... completely failed, rather. It ended up being macaroni soup again. He ate it, and I had cereal. It was the thought that counted.

I've got a test Friday that I really don't want to take or study for, but I must. Also I've been getting super nasty hiccups that really hurt my throat/chest. I'm pretty much ready to be done with this whole being pregnant thing, now.


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