Sunday, April 26, 2009

The good, bad, & the ugly.

Hmm... Well.. this could be along post but since I'd like to get down to breakfast soon, I'll try to shorten it a bit.

A lot of bad things happened this week, including:

1. Exposing myself to mercury. Oops. Somebody left a thermometer on the table, and I set a book on it and broke it, saw the little silver balls of mercury and promptly ran out of the room crying. It was a good time.

2. Apartment guy canceled. Again. And again. And then he had a showing appointment open on Thursday, which I thought we could go to but then Jared said wait, no, we can't go. He had to do something for work or I don't know what. But then, we had our appointment on Saturday to look at it and by that time somebody who went to the Thursday showing had already taken the apartment. Disappointing.

3. I barfed. For no reason, other than that maybe the roast beef didn't taste too good.

4. My car broke down, and I had to get it towed and I've been without it since. Not that I usually need my car, but still.. Knowing I can't go anywhere is bugging me more than not actually being able to go anywhere. The people at the dealership were kinda thinking I was stupid, like I didn't know how to drive my stick shift car, even though I've been driving it sans problems for the past two years. It is, however, still under warrantee so the towing and all that was covered.

5.  I have mystery sharp pain in my side. At first I thought, hey, more round ligament pain, but this hasn't gone away like my other muscle-pull type hurts. It feels like a really sharp sort of pressure. Thats the best way I can describe it. It only hurts if: 1. I push on it. 2. I am curled up tight enough to push on it.  3. After I pee I stand upright. and 4. random other times. I am contemplating taking some pain meds here, but I'm trying to hold off in case I don't have to.

6. My computer has broken (hence the lack of posting) mysteriously. Well, not so mysteriously now. I learned that a common problem with upgrading to leopard is that the computer kicks you off of being admin. Which means, in my case, that when I was halfway through downloading the new Firefox and it asked for permission, I couldn't authorize it and thus I couldn't use firefox anymore. So... I've not got a working browser, and that is more than annoying but I can word process to my heart's content. I was going to take it in to be fixed (for free, yay!) on Friday but since my car broke, well, I couldn't get to the mall anymore and didn't trust riding the 16 bus with my computer.

Since that was a lot of complaining (and not even in my usual witty style!) I'll write about the good things that've happened this week:

1. First and foremost, I AM HALFWAY DONE with being pregnant. It seems like I still have forever to go but, you know, for right now I'll take halfway. If it weren't such a ridiculous idea, I'd order myself a dang ice cream cake because I have been dreaming and dreaming about one, and I've convinced Jared that somehow, I need to have an ice cream cake when the baby is born. It'll be my bribe to get through it all, I guess. lol

2. I got full points on my lab despite barfing in the middle of it.

3. Today there is going to be TURKEY SAUSAGE in UDS, along with french toast. It'll be good eating for me once they open.

4. I got a nice letter from my brother. It made me feel better after crappy apartment guy told me the apartment had been leased. Its always nice to get mail.

5. Yesterday Jared & I looked at a couple of new (and probably 10 times better-er! at least thats what I'm telling myself to make myself feel better) apartments. We're considering one that is right on University, about a 20 minute walk. Its in Prospect Park so its a nice area, and its very close to a Cub Foods, a Rainbow Foods, & Walmart (even though that one is pretty ghetto.) The landlord seeme very nice, adn there isn't any one thing that I really dislike about it so we very well may apply for it. We're supposed to discuss it over turkey sausage this morning.

6. I shaved my legs again, and I've been able to wear shorts. That is good because it is DANG hot up in here with the heat still turned on in some buildings. Its like they're trying to turn Babyzilla into a hard boiled egg or something.

7. Yesterday, in stead of crying when I hit my forehead on the shower stall, I laughed maniacally. I mean, I'm not sure maniacal laughing is really that much better than crying, but in my mind... hey, its one less time of me crying. When I think about it, the situation is pretty funny. I was in one of the tiny stalls because my usual shower was occupied, and I dropped my shampoo and went to bend over and BAM hit my forehead on the wall of the shower. That startled me so much that I stood bolt upright so fast that I hit my back on the shower knob, leaving a red mark on my back which looked eerily like a winking cartoon sailor. LOL Guess I didn't raelize the stall was THAT small, and without my contacts I am mostly blind so... You know. Thats my excuse. (Also, I managed to shave my legs in that tiny stall. Feat of skill!)

8. Jared got new shoes. We shoe shopped without drama. And now I can hide his boots in the closet until he needs something he can geocache in. No more stinky Jared shoes!

9. I opened a library account, and checked out baby name books & a leisure read. Also, I have gone for a walk almost every day this week. I get winded walking (how lame!) but I think it makes me feel better when I get back.

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