Tuesday, April 14, 2009

We may be having what some people call an "active" child...

His head is to the left, legs on the right. The bright white lines are the skull, spine, & leg bones.

As promised, I'll update y'all about my doctor's visit today. It was a doozie. I'm not kidding. How many people can say they've had an ultrasound last over an hour long? I can. Apparently my son was a bit hyperactive today and they couldn't get all of the pictures they needed. I think he got angry that they were rubbing my stomach so much that he sort of spazzed out. I could feel it and it wasn't really a pleasant thing. Out of the 50-some pictures they took, the one shown above is the best one I've got. So maybe he's not so photogenic? Well, neither are his parents. I don't blame him. If you want a bit better view, you can click the image to make it larger.

This is one of his left foot. It has all the necessary toes.

At one point we had three people in the room taking turns with the transducer trying to get all of the shots they needed. It was a regular old party in my exam room - if only I hadn't forgotten to bring the sparkling cider. Every person who peeked into the room exclaimed something along the lines of "What a big beautiful boy you've got there!" Big!? Take that back, now! My child is going to be petite! About the only thing he was willing to show us was his *ahem* boy parts. Again, and again, and again. I may have to speak to him about some modesty issues. I have probably 4 pictures of his little fetus penis.

Yep. More proof he's a boy.

Lets see now... Any other news.. hmm..

Well, okay. Here is an interesting story: Yesterday I was int he dining hall, and I am tapped on the shoulder by one of the cooks who says, "So... you're the pregnant one who fainted in here! How are you doing?"

Well, I guess I am "the pregnant one" around these parts.

Me: "I'm doing fine, just getting some food."
Cook: "You're planning on breastfeeding, right?"

Apparently this is everybody's business. Even the pasta cook's.

Me: "Yeah, I'm going to try to."
Cook: "Thats great! But you should really be working on your grammar. Your baby will pick up those bad habits from you. Its not correct to end a sentence with a preposition."

I actually laughed at this point. I'm pretty sure that if the worst grammar thing my kid picks up from me is ending sentences iwth prepositions, I'll be okay. And, after all, this is coming from a cook whom I have spoken maybe 20-30 words to the entire time I've lived here... And now she is giving me advice.

I'd known this would happen, but at the same time... I didn't expect it from the UDS cook. Oh well, que sera, sera. At least she didn't try to touch my stomach with her icky rubber gloves.

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