Saturday, April 18, 2009


My favorite robot onesie. Its a bad picture because I stole it off the internet.

Okay... So we did a fair amount of garage sale bargain hunting today. I got some good buys at mostly 50 cents a piece. I came home with 10 or so outfits in a bigger size, so he has something to wear in the winter. My favorite finds of the day? A blue onesie shirt with a robot on it, a shirt and pants set that is cowboy themed - complete with the look of soft baby chaps, and an adorable blue red & grey puppy number.
My sister picked up some gender neutral outfits, and a pack & play that looks pretty much new. We ate some Taco Bell (delicious) and then stopped by at a pyramid scheme presentation in hopes of getting free cookies & spa treatments. (We got the cookies. No dice on the spa treatments.)

We stopped at a couple consignment shops which had clothing for sale at much higher prices than the garage sales, but also a vast selection.  One of the consignment hsops was decidedly mexican and had a strange smell, so... that was interesting. 

Jared apparently also had an interesting day. He had to train for the musical presentation number that they put on for new students. It was especially awkward because he has to sing a song about avoiding pregnancies... oops. A bit hipocritical on that one.  (I had a good time when he showed me his little dance. Jared isn't exactly a performer, but he was trying hard.)

Also, because Jared is so thrilled with robot onesie (and I was too), I was thinking I may do a robot theme. Because, well.. robots are cool and different than what every other baby boy has.

OH YEAH! Also, I spotted another one of those tricksy Mourning Cloak butterflies. But, alas, I was carrying in my baby clothes haul and I couldn't chase after it. Someday, it shall be mine!

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