Monday, April 6, 2009

Why is baby stuff so hard to figure out?!

I had a pretty busy weekend so I've got lots to write about.

On Friday, Jared & I went for a walk/geocached and ate malts for dinner. (Thanks for the gift card!) After dinner, we went across the street to Target and started making our registry. It turned out that we needed a lot more stuff than we thought, so we quit when we got tired and went home. Saturday we finished the registry, ran errands, and played video games. On Sunday, we went to the grocery store, stopped by my sister's house to clean the cat box, and did homework/ attempted to start laundry.

Now, most of that stuff is pretty boring so I'll tell you about the registry. First off, it is way longer than I ever thought it would be. I felt super greedy just wandering the aisles with a scanner and going "I need this. *beep* Oh, we'll need one of these too. *beep*" Part of me sort of feels like if people are going to give us a gift, they deserve to be able to pick it out themselves & choose something they like. But, at the same time, I feel like some of the items I've chosen do reflect my individual parenting style (or at least, how I want my parenting style to be) and I really wouldn't want to go another way. For instance, I've researched (online & through word of mouth) my car seat/stroller, monitor, diaper bag, & bottles, and I know those are the ones that I want. On the other things, though, I don't have as much of a preference - I just know that I will need one of whatever item it is so I put the best looking option on my list. Other parents may very well know that one brand is better than another or if a certain style is preferable, but at this point in time the best I could do was scan what looked best in the store. So, if you're reading this and you're going to buy something off my registry, recognize that its not a binding document. Feel free to use your own personal knowledge to assist you in your purchasing.

With my qualms about the registry aside, I had other, less theological problems in Target. Case in point: I was on my hands and knees trying to figure out the "easy" folding mechanism of almost every single stroller I looked at. Many of these strollers are so-called "one handed" operation. Yeah right. Most of the one-handed-folders required somebody with gigantic, very very strong hands and the ability to do an elaborate fluid motion with utmost precision. Grasp the button wrong/not tightly enough? The stroller won't budge. Can't shake your wrist in the exact motion needed? The stroller quivers and bends for a second before snapping back into its starting posture. Needless to say, I looked like an idiot. A lot of moms passed by us and gave us a "Yeah-I-know-how-impossibly-hard-it-is-but-you'll-get-used-to-it" look. At least I'm not alone.

Other problem I had? I had to take a potty break halfway through the experience, and I somehow got hte back of my jeans caught on the stall door latch. I couldn't see what I was doing, and I was so perfectly wedged into the corner that I couldn't really reach my hand back to feel anything... So, I kind of had to do a ridiculous dance to unhook my pants from the stall door. I wasn't in there alone, and I'm sure the other people noticed me being weird. Needless to say, I looked like an idiot. Again.


P.S. I'm still up in teh air about the swing I put on my registry. On one hand, lots of people swear by the cradle swing and say its the greatest thing on the planet. On the other hand, a regular swing can be purchased which takes up less space and is also less expensive. Your thoughts?

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