Friday, April 17, 2009

That elusive Mourning Cloak...

Okay.. Today was pretty good. I went to lab, which was not good but needed to be done. It was incredibly stupid because the stuff in lab wasn't working properly, everyone was angry, etc etc.

But then, after lab I drove Kari to pick up her new sweet ride. We drove it around a bit to try and figure otu the various features, and then ate lunch at DQ. Then I did some boring stuff, followed by hunting for the MOURNING CLOAK BUTTERFLY. We saw one, but we weren't good enough to catch it. I've been seeing them around campus, and I've decided that I need one. So... the search is on.

Jared really likes butterfly hunting, and I relaly like watching Jared butterfly hunt. Its a win win situation. 

Tomorrow I am rummage sale-ing like crazy with my sister Elisa, and Sunday I'm going to an apartment showing. I hope we like the apartment and everything about it turns out ot be awesome, because right now its our best prospect.

I'm too spastic right now to type anything else. I must go look up every single 19 weeks pregnant article ont eh web, and read through them at least two-three times.

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