Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In My Womb.

I'm back at home again so I have internet for a time. The ride home was pretty bland compared to my last deer run in. I did see some birds duking it out mid air, though. It was interesting to watch because it was 3 little birds picking on one giant bird. I've never seen anything like that. Birds are so entertaining. I miss Nasty Old Crow from my dorm already... I can't watch him dragging around shiny things anymore.

I started narrating my life this week so I realized maybe I should turn the radio on or something so I don't go crazy. I got tired of listening to modern music so I put on an oldies station. It didn't help to stop the craziness. Now everytime The Beach Boys' hit "In my Room" comes on I change the words to make it "In my Womb." Creepy, I know. I change some of the other lyrics too but since I don't completely know all the words it ends up with me mumbling random things and then saying "In my womb" over and over. I've got a long way to go before I could ever take on Weird AL.

Yesterday I unpacked two boxes but you couldn't really tell from the looks of things. Still much more stuff to put away, and I get tired and bored quickly. So bored that I made up a new game I call Guess-how-long-it-will-take-for-BZ-to-kick-the-remote-off-my-belly. It pretty much works the way the name implies... I put the remote on my belly, and I time how long it takes before it gets knocked off. Trust me. Its exciting.

Doctor's appointment was boring. She told me that he's head down, big... Nothing really important. She laughed at my swollen hands a bit, and asked me what flavor of glucose drink I'd like for my next visit. I chose fruit punch... because fruit punch already tastes kind of nasty so maybe it really will taste like fruit punch. I've got to start going in every two weeks now, so I'll be shuttling back and forth a lot these days...

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