Friday, June 5, 2009

26 weeks.

Not much more to report from yesterday. I ate Mr. D's donuts and I played with the dog int he back yard for a while, but maybe something exciting will happen. The day is still young.

Babyzilla is 26 weeks now... Well, actualyl he's only been alive for 24 of those weeks but since thats how they measure, I won't say anything about it. 26 weeks means that if he were born now, he'd have a 90% survival rate. Which is good...

I'd say that I find that little factoid reassuring, but honestly I never gave much thought to anything bad happening so it doesn't much change anything for me. Its just not a worrysome issue to me. In fact, I'm not worried about all that much at the moment. (It may be because I've forgotten so much stuff, but I guess I'll take forgetting over worrying.) My biggest concern today is whether I should wear shorts or pants. My legs are a tad hairy...

I'm going to go sit outside and watch for butterflies, now. Maybe I'll have something exciting happen later.

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