Thursday, June 11, 2009

Grilling out.

Tonight I grilled hamburgers at my sister's house, and paired that with mashed potatoes & pear. I made up a bunch of mashed potatoes (literally a whole bag's worth) and put them in the freezer in individual portions last night. The pear was about perfectly ripe. Yum.

Last night I hung out with Jared & Nirmal. Nirmal is from Nepal and he is absolutely hilarious. (And Jared was OK, too. :) ) Today is Jared's first real day of orientation so tomorrow when he comes home he might have interesting stories to tell me. Apparently all of the parents at parent orientation are a bit psycho, and some of them refused to leave their children. I was watching some of the high schoolers while I was on campus and they were like "Oh yeah, nobody is going to know we're still in high school. We totally look like college kids."

They were wrong. 1. College kids would not be walking around in giant herds, acting all excited about everything. 2. They are all wearing dorky looking name tags. 3. They were excited about the food at UDS.

Obviously they weren't college students. We are so cooler than that.

For those of you asking about Irene, still no baby yet. However, I did see MaryBeth's baby, Reese. For being a baby, he's pretty cute and he's about 3 months old. I think its a bit weird though that babies' arms barely reach above their heads.

This weekend there is a baby expo thing that I'm going to go to. My doctor suggested it to me to get some free things, so I thought.. hey, free stuff. I like free stuff. It'll be worth a couple hours of my time if I get free things.

Babyzilla (if he were normal sized & didn't run larger than normal) is a bit more than 2 pounds now... Sometimes he stabs out parts of me and I can feel small pieces of him, but I honestly couldn't say if it is his head, butt, elbow... I have no idea. Jared thinks its kinda creepy and worries I'm going to poke BZ's head's soft spot. If he saw how rough the CNM was with my belly, he'd probably barf. She like.. Completely shoves at my stomach.

I admit, its freaky. Its very sci-fi to watch my stomach jerk around, and its more than a little annoying when I'm on my laptop and the whole thing jiggles around. Also, sometimes my stomach sticks out lopsided-ly. I'm not sure if its noticeable to others, but when I look down from the top its definitely not even. Also, my belly button is starting to get really gross.

Jared & I may have settled on a name, but we're not telling you what it is. You'll have to wonder.

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