Thursday, June 4, 2009

Mini golf.

Today was pretty low key. We went mini golfing. I got stuck in the water. I lost. Jim won. He always does. It was fun anyway.

I almost caught an awesome butterfly but I didn't have anything but my bare hands so it was near impossible. I might've been able to get it, but my dad and my brother just watched so I didn't have the team coordination to back me up. They don't understand! It was a pretty black one with blue spots, I have no idea what it was and its one I've never seen before. It would've been a good addition to the collection... I've got to get art onto my walls somehow, and I am going to catch it!

Dad broke the glass inlay to my table when I gave it to him to measure it, so now I'm missing two panes. Do I send him another one or shall I trust my measurements of the holes for him to get new pieces cut? Decisions decisions...

Other than that, I've been chilling at home doing nothing.

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