Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Yesterday kind of sucked when I got home. I went to do laundry and realized I had bled a bit and not noticed it. I called the midwife and was freaked out for a while but I've calmed down since then. The CNM said it could be any number of things, but as long as I'm feeling fine and the baby is moving, everything should be ok. I go in on Friday for my glucose screening anyway so she told me just to sit around and do nothing until then. I stalked a couple of Jared's friends just to get the message to him, and he freaked out more than I did. It made me feel better to have him freaking out because for some reason it makes me calm down. Like maybe he's freaking out enough for the both of us, so I don't have to or something.

But anyway, I've been trying to keep busy today just so I don't have too much time to dwell on things. In being obnoxiously in tune to everything my body is doing today, though, I've noticed some things:

1. It is quite possible that my ribs hurt because of the person who is kicking them out from the inside, not because my bra is too tight or anything. I've noticed that if I keep shifting and moving to try and rearrange my organs & child it gets better.

2. I have a stretch mark in the very middle of my stomach. There are none anywhere around it, so it is especially glaringly ugly. And whats weird is that it kind of hurts. (But that might be my imagination.)

Last night I got so busy freaking out that I didn't get a chance to go to the grocery store, so I've been living off of cereal today. I think I'm going to treat myself to some Jimmy Dean's breakfast sandwiches, because quite honestly, I deserve them. I might also deserve some of my favorite cream cheese, because what better way is there to make yourself feel better than with food?

I had thought about maybe lying out in the sun this afternoon and working on a leg tan & some vitamin D, but after I saw the little weather guy pop up on my computer saying that its 96 degree out and it feels like 100... maybe not. I guess its a good thing I'm not home to sweat in front of the fan. This is the first time I've ever seen a "heat advisory" in my whole life. Doesn't a heat advisory sound ridiculous to you? Shouldn't any semi-conscious being who steps outside notice that its hot out, and that maybe he shouldn't say, weld things or chop firewood? Don't people in Miami live with this kinda crap every day? Do they have ridiculous heat advisories there too?

Speaking of Florida, I purchased airline tickets. So, everyone: mark your calendars. On December 21st to January 13th Florida will get a whole lot awesomer, because my baby & I will be there. (And Jared too. But lets face it, he's not the main attraction. :) )

***UPDATE*** I looked on the national weather map, and it turns out that actually Miami is cooler than us, with a measley 87 degrees. Looks like only Texas, Death Valley & maybe Oklahoma are hotter. What a disappointment.

***2ND UPDATE*** Apparently, 96 degrees is hot enough to melt a crayon (which somehow was left on the floor of the car) into a pool of coloured, molten pain that gets stuck all over one's flip flops and burns into even the thickest heel callous. Why was there a crayon in there in the first place? I don't know.

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