Monday, June 8, 2009

Still borrowing wireless...

I’m back at the apartment after Kayla’s graduation and hanging out with my brother. Last weekend was also Jared’s family & friends preview night. He did a way better job than I imagined… Even on a kick line. He had to read some lines over a microphone, and when he did the baby kicked. Coincidence, or does the Babyzilla know Jared? I think he knows Jared.

Last night Appleby’s had half price appetizers so Jared & I went out with a bunch of his friends. They were all pretty nice. I had a good time, and even better than having a good time I had spinach and artichoke dip. Mmmm.. My favorite.

I got a couple more boxes unpacked, but I still can’t really tell a difference yet. I should just buckle down and figure out where to put all of my misfit things, but I never feel like doing it. Today was rainy and cloudy so I took a nap and went through a few things in the baby’s room.

I talked to Jared’s grandparents today and got the recipe for his favorite 7up cake. (I had it once and lost it I think.) I’m going to make it for him and his friends to celebrate being done with training this week. Its been cool enough outside that I’m in the mood to bake and let the kitchen warm up. It’ll give me another reason to delay unpacking boxes, plus I’ll get to use the Kitchenaid… That thing is so awesome!

Aside from the boxes I’ve got left to unpack, things are starting to come together in the apartment. Babyzilla has most of the major things that he needs. I got a crib that the mattress will fit into, but I left the hardware for it in LaCrosse so I’ll have to put it together later. The only things I think he needs still are the textile type items (blankets, burp clothes, towels, some clothes) and diapers, optional toy/entertainment items, etc. I’ve updated my Target registry to reflect things I still need, and it still seems like the list is pretty long. At least the big ticket items are mostly taken care of.

I’ve got some gardening work to take care of if it ever stops raining this week, so I’m not too sure what my schedule is going to be. I was thinking about driving to Green Bay, but if I can’t get my gardening done tomorrow then I might not be able to go. My parents wanted to take a truck load to my brother so they can clear more things out of their house. They’ve already got the house sold so now they can really start moving things up here.

But now that I’ve written this post, I’ve got to walk to campus and use their internet to post it… Still triyng to figure out what to do to get internet. I don’t really want to pay Comcast $40/month for internet, but its looking like it might be the only option.

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