Monday, June 29, 2009


After my nice three day weekend my butt is back in the ol' office chair again. My ribs are already protesting and I've only been here a couple of hours. This is going to be fun, I can tell.

Friday's doctor appointment was boring. I wanted to barf after the whole glucose drink but I guess thats normal. We were baking in the apartment so we decided to get out of dodge and get back to the A/C.

Jared started playing his new video game that I got him for Father's Day... He's easily absorbed into things like that so he'll be entertained for the days that I'm at work. Plus he can sleep in and do nothing, which is also his favorite thing to do, so he'll have a good time.

On Saturday we went to Myrick Park to go for a walk on the bunny trails. We saw lots of muskrats and a family of mysterious groundhog things. Also, we learned that herons make freaky murder sounding noises and that Jared doesn't enjoy just regular old walking much.

But, on Sunday, I forced him to go out with me again. We drove to Perrot State Park and took a little trail. We hiked for a VERY short time because, well... the trail ended up being hilly and my stomach muscles couldn't take it. Plus, Jared was hungry and he hates going outside anyway so he was quick to help me make up my mind to turn back. Later that evening we went to Rudy's for 99c rootbeer floats before heading to the Rivoli to catch a cheap flick. Cheap as in... free! Somebody at the door had tickets he didn't want to use so he gave them to us, which passes on a total of savings of SIX WHOLE DOLLARS. Which is a lot, when you consider that we could've gotten 6 more rootbeer floats with that money. :) We saw Sunshine Cleaning, and it was okay. I thought it could've been a lot better but it was decent, and for the cost of free it was excellent entertainment.

Other than that, I've been watching Jared play video games and surfing the internet. Saturday I did make a pot pie (which was delicious) but that was as ambitious as I got. I think I'm making ribs tonight, so we'll see how that goes without the grill. I kinda suck at working with meat, but practice makes perfect, right?

In other news... My debit card was declined at Festival yesterday. Talk about embarrassing. I don't know why it was declined because I have (and had) way more than sufficient funds to pay for my gallon of milk. Now I'll be all paranoid everywhere I go because I'll think my card won't go through... talk about weird. The kid looked at me like "Wow, you poor sap. You don't even have enough $ for a gallon of milk."

Why yes, kid, I do thankyouverymuch.

And, speaking of milk, last night I stayed awake in bed for hours thinking about how many cows I would need to supply myself with enough milk. Recently I've been going through 3-4 gallons a week (excessive, I know) and I feel like I should start buying stock in Land O' Lakes or something. But last night I seriously couldn't sleep because I was too busy thinking about how much milk one cow makes. I honestly have no idea. Maybe I'll ask my sister.

**UPDATE** I looked it up and its apparently close to 16 liters. Thats a lot. I can't drink 16 liters of milk in one day. But still, I'd technically have to have more than one cow anyway because you can't get a cow to give milk all year round...

And then, of course, since this is a baby blog, I started thinking.. "How much milk people make?" And that is disgusting. I don't even want to google that.

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