Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Margaret has arrived. Let the celebration commence.

As you can see from the title, Margaret was born today. This morning sometime. I don't know anything more than that she has brown hair, but I'm sure everything else is gravy. I tried calling one of Jared's friends to pass the message on to him, but who knows if he'll get it or not. At the very least, he'll get the message on Friday. ***UPDATE*** She is a 7 lb 13 ouncer, 22 inches long, and I did get the message through to Jared. I played phone relay with his coworkers but it got to him! yay!

For now, though, I am home at my parents house. I have to stop in to work to see what Toni wants me to do before she goes on vacation. Also I must buy groceries to stock the house for when Mom & Dad are on vacation and I'm staying in the house. Otherwise, I'd starve. They already disassembled their internet, so I'm "borrowing" from a neighbor. I'm a bit worried that I'll come back next week and there will be no furniture left for me to sit on. Its getting pretty empty up in here.

So far today has been kind of weird. I got a mystery message on my cell phone asking for Matt. I thought that it was for Jared's brother, but I guess it was a random mix up asking for a completely different Matt.

Then, I saw somebody run into a sliding glass door. Normally, I'm pretty sure I'd laugh before asking if he was okay. Today, however, I was convinced that he might die and that maybe I should call 911. I'm not kidding. I almost called 911 until my senses came back to me. I know people say pregnancy makes women crazy, but I don't know if I can blame this all on being pregnant... Maybe I am pregnant and crazy? Thats a possibility. :)

Last weekend was pretty good. Jared & I went to his friend's cabin and we hung out with all of his work friends. I wish I could've done a bit more, but doing nothing at the cabin was WAY better than doing nothing at home. I would've liked to try waterskiing again, and tubing would have been fun... heck, it would've been grand to just eat a lunch meat sandwich with everyone but there'll be plenty of time for htat later. Saturday my parents & I went to a baby thing, which was mostly useless. Then we went to the second half of Dan's football game to watch him win. On Sunday, Jared & I assembled the new crib. (It was no small task. It was a little confusing.) We put the crib mattress in and....

It didn't fit. What the heck!? It was supposedly the same size as all the ones that are sold in the store. I read the dimensions on the mattress label. I KNEW something had to be wrong because when the crib was assembled in the store, the regular store mattress fit nice and snugly inside. SO! I got out the ruler, and I measured my crib mattress and... THE TAG WAS LYING! Somehow, the mattress wasn't actually the size advertised on its label.

So we went out to Target & picked out the biggest looking mattress (even though they're all the same size, supposedly) and bought it to check the size. We're going to return it on Friday, but at least now we know that we can put it onto the registry and if somebody buys it, it fits. Hooray.

I even got Jared a father's day present, but he CHEATED and opened it early. I should've taken it back, but... I'm a softy? We did our own early mini celebration and grilled corn on the cob and ate honey ham. Jared loves honey baked ham like nobody's business. I don't like it, but it was the thought, right?

The apartment has been so hot. Even though its only been 80 or so, it feels like death in the apartment. My feet got really puffy last night because I had them dangling off the end of my bed. It was pretty grotesque. To take advantage of the a/c, I spent an extra long time grocery shopping in the refrigerated section.. it was soo nice. Cub had their chicken breasts on sale for a dollar a pound, so I was pretty pumped. Its not too often that you go to the store for chicken and its on sale! Never thought I'd be so excited for chicken, but I was. I spent most of yesterday freezing chicken breasts and ground beef. I never thought I'd eat so much meat, but since the Dr. said eat meat.. I eat meat. I am a slave to my fetus.

Which may be how I can gain weight so fast. 4 pounds in four weeks? Disgusting. The doctor was happy but still, even though I know I'm supposed to gain weight... it feels so wrong. Because chances are, I will not lose 4 pounds in four weeks after he's born..

Still no converter box coupon. It was supposed to have been shipped out over 10 days ago. I think maybe a neighbor stole it or something, because our mailboxes don't lock or anything. The government website isn't so clear on the what-to-do-if-your-coupons-don't-arrive situation. They refer you to the "contact us" page of their website, but then I contacted them using htat number and it says that the number is only for ordering coupons. What am I to do?

PS. I shouldn't have posted that count down timer onto my blog. It makes it seem like forever.

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