Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I don't know which to protect...

Okay. This might make absolutely no sense to some of you people out there, but I'll try to explain as best I can. In grade school, there were two big poles (basketball hoops minus the hoops, actually) and they were pretty much the coolest spot on the playground. We always used to play a game we called "pole tag" which I'm sure probably isn't a real sport, but it was fun anyway. The rules were pretty simple: one person was "it" & the other people weren't. The people who weren't had to run back and forth between the poles. The poles were "gool" meaning that you were safe from being tagged as long as you were touching them. It doens't sound that great now but it was probably the only game that involved physical exercise that I ever willingly played. I had fun.

But anyway, the nature of tag is such that the slower people spend far longer times being "it" and chasing everyone else around. I was slow. I was "it" often. I always had this problem ... which pole do I guard? Do I stand in teh middle in hopes of catching people from both ends, or should I stand at one end or the other to provide a more accurate block of a single pole? It really was a perplexing situation for me at the time.

Why am I telling you this? I'm stuck in the same situation now, only instead of guarding poles from school children I'm trying to guard my body from two different office job pains. Butt or ribs - which one do I save, or do I try to halfway save both? Here's the deal:

IF I sit up straight, my ribs have more space and hurt substantially less... BUT that hurts my butt a lot because this chair was definitely not engineered for me.

IF I slouch down low so I am almost lying down, the pressure is taken off of my butt and I'd be pretty comfy... BUT then Babyzilla must be crammed up closer to my ribs because it feels like a medieval torture technique wherein my ribs are slowly ratcheted farther and farther apart by some mechanical device.

So all this morning I've been grappling with this problem and for some reason I honestly can't decide what is better: Save one body part and throw the others to the wolves, or should I spend time trying to save both parts while not effectively eliminating the pain completely from either part?

Honestly, its one of those things normal people probably don't think much about. Someone more sensible than I might suggest just getting up and walking, but since Monday's little episode I'm not supposed to move much at all. Plus, it is pretty difficult to answer the phone when I'm not at my desk, and the phone has been ringing nonstop.

All of the aside, things have been pretty boring. I got all kinds of lovelies from the produce section at Festival yesterday. Fruit is about the only thing I actually like to eat that is healthy for me, so I stocked up. Plums, grapes, bananas, & a peach somehow ended up into my cart. And then while I was driving back, there was a guy selling fresh picked strawberries and ... well, I got those too. The peach is already gone. A good portion of the strawberries are in my belly. As of breaktime this morning, half of the grapes are gone. I'm not really sure eating this much fruit is a good idea. (Especially when you consider that I ahd a Fiber1 bar & Raisin Bran already today. No, I'm not trying to eat fiber... I guess I just like fibery foods.)

Friday is yet another doctor appointment, so I'll be leaving to head back to the cities tomorrow after work. It'll be a nice three day weekend for me, even if it means leaving the A/C. Since Jared will be on vacation, he wants to com eback to LaCrosse with me so I'm not alone. He's still a bit freaked out by Monday's events so he pretty much decided that I am incapable of doing even most minute things alone.

I do wish I could go swimming, though. I'm not supposed to go swimming until everything checks out, but now that it is warm... the beach is calling.

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